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Estate planning and probate can be convoluted, so it’s imperative to contact Vincent Carrizales Law in Dallas, TX, to help make sense of it for you. We want to assist you with the details and serve your family’s best interests. Planning for your own disability or death is not something many people look forward to doing, but it is essential, especially if you have young and/or disabled children. If you have older parents or you or your spouse face the possibility of requiring nursing home care, estate planning will give you the peace of mind that all parties will be taken care of.

Estate Planning Services We Provide:



This written document indicates how your property will be distributed at the time of your death. It can be changed throughout your lifetime, and it allows for the appointment of a guardian for minors. Trusts can be set up through a Will but only become effective after your death


Trusts provide both lifetime and after-death property management. A successor trustee can manage the trust property upon the death or incapacity of the owner. Under Trusts, court intervention is not required, which saves both you and heirs the expense and hassle of the probate process. We have experience drafting all kinds of trusts and can offer advice as to how you properly fund, operate, and maintain them.



Our Team assists executors and administrators in collecting and managing the assets of the deceased. We can also determine the validity of claims made against the estate. Probate involves gathering the assets in the deceased’s name alone, paying outstanding debts, and then distributing the remaining assets to those in the Will.

For more information about our services or for a free consultation, please contact us at 214-942-4500. We look forward to providing peace of mind that your family’s financial future is appropriately planned out.

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